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The Lord has blessed Pastor Chris to share in many exciting, rewarding and enriching experiences! Embracing the concept that "A call to ministry is a call to preparation..." Pastor Chris has sought to keep herself prepared to serve God's people across a variety of sectors. Currently, Pastor Chris is pursuing a Ph.D. in Human Services: Nonprofit Management and Leadership, from Capella University. To God be the glory, Pastor Chris recently passed her Comprehensive Exams and has now entered the dissertation phase of her studies. Her dissertation topic is, "African American Female Nonprofit Leaders and Their Perceptions of Success, Barriers and Glass Cliffs." She has sought to conduct herself in a spirit of excellence. The Lord has blessed Pastor Chris to be a consistent recipient of the "President's Badge" for academic excellence, maintaining a 4.00 gpa over the last three years of her studies! Please keep her in your prayers and stay tuned for further developments...


Pastor Chris was recently invited to contribute to the ground breaking book, I Wish Someone Had Told Me: Equity for Women in the Church (Author/Lead Editor, Dr. Alfie Wines). Pastor Chris' chapter, "Not So Fast...The Double-Edged Sword of a Few Opportunities for Women Pastors," highlights the fact that women are gaining more opportunities to become licensed and ordained, however, their opportunities to rise to senior leadership positions in churches continue to be minimal in comparison to their male counterparts.

Capella University Deans List Badge 2020
Dr Alfie Wines I Wish Someone Had Told M

What's Up With Pastor Chris...

Pastor Chris invited by Good Faith Media to address Racism in America...

The Micro and Macro Faces of Racism Arti

Below is a quote taken from the article written by Pastor Chris...

"We cannot dismantle these systems on our own. Those who stand for justice and equality verbally must also do so with deeds – with their voices and their vote, with their faith and their feet, with their expressions of love and their bold actions to stand against oppressive systems.

Those in positions of power must address all forms of inequality and injustice.

Why in 2021 are we still having this same conversation? It is because “favors” for a few cannot erase or replace justice for all..."

To read the article in its entirety, click here

Additional Events and Presentations...

Antioch Prayer Breakfast Jan 30th 2021 P
Equity Alfie Book Promo Pastor Chris.png
PNBC MWR Women in Ministry Panel with Dr

During the Progressive National Baptist Midwest Region's Annual Session, April 5th thru 8th, 2021, Pastor Chris participated in a Facebook Live panel discussion, "A Wholistic Approach by Women in Ministry: Maintaining a Balance Lifestyle." The panel, led by Dr. Robyn Moore highlighted the need for women clergy to remain balanced in body, mind and spirit as they seek to minister to others. You can view a recording of the discussion by clicking here...

Showing Mary PPT Presentation Cover pic.

Get Vaccinated!!!

Pastor Chris receiving Covid Vaccination

"Many people have questions about the safety of the vaccine, especially since the concerns over the Johnson & Johnson vaccination pause. Some are fearful of short and long term side effects. However, national statistics show that the vast majority of individuals experience no or minimal side-effects that dissipate quickly. The benefits far out weigh the risks in terms of saving lives and minimizing the need for hospitalizations. As leaders, we can help allay fears when we lead by example and show ourselves getting the vaccine," Pastor Chris Smith, Senior Pastor, Restoration Ministries of Greater Cleveland, Inc.

Pastor Chris on Sister Spotlight with Dr
Pastor Chris Vaccinated for Covid 2021.j
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